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Austin – Texas – USA (by groucho

Istanbul – Turkey (by Tom Walk) 

Istanbul – Turkey (by Tom Walk

Baveno  – Italy (by Giovanni) 

Baveno  – Italy (by Giovanni

Solingen – Germany (by Ralf St. )

Solingen – Germany (by Ralf St. )

Shanghai – China (by Hans Permana) 

Shanghai – China (by Hans Permana

annajewelsphotography: Tallinn – Estonia (by a…


Tallinn – Estonia (by annajewels

The Hague – Netherlands (by Christopher A. Dom…

The Hague – Netherlands (by Christopher A. Dominic

Modica – Sicily – Italy (by Alessandro Grussu)…

Modica – Sicily – Italy (by Alessandro Grussu

La Paz – Bolivia (by cliff hellis) 

La Paz – Bolivia (by cliff hellis

Salzburg – Austria (by Lars Plougmann) 

Salzburg – Austria (by Lars Plougmann