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Isenthal, Switzerland. A little village with j…

Isenthal, Switzerland. 

A little village with just 500 people living there. You just must see the place.

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annajewelsphotography: Lake Bled – Slovenia (b…


Lake Bled – Slovenia (by annajewels

Guangxi – China (by Bruno Vanbesien) 

Guangxi – China (by Bruno Vanbesien

annajewelsphotography: Madeira – Portugal (by …


Madeira – Portugal (by annajewels

Orscholz – Germany (by Norbert Reimer) 

Orscholz – Germany (by Norbert Reimer

Madeira – Portugal (by Norbert Reimer) 

Madeira – Portugal (by Norbert Reimer

Scopello – Italy (by Norbert Reimer) 

Scopello – Italy (by Norbert Reimer

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St. George’s – Grenada (by Katchooo) 

St. George’s – Grenada (by Katchooo

Dubrovnik – Croatia (by alchen_x) 

Dubrovnik – Croatia (by alchen_x